The Early Years...

This is one of the the very first Hawkley FC teams, taking the field in a Wigan Youth League game in season 1985-86, shortly after the foundation of the club in June 1985. Manager Ron Morrison and Secretary Phil Owen don't look any older now, but some of the lads here probably wouldn't recognise themselves, so here's a list: Back row, left to right:  Gary Aspinall, Matty Wood, Peter Williams, Mark Green, Stephen Leach, Steve Maclure, Neil Parkinson.  Front Row, left to right:  Neil Robinson, Peter Atherton, Andrew Morrison, Carl McMullen, Mark Whitter, Stephen Murphy, David Owen, Ian Maclure. Amazingly, despite being too old to run, Ian Maclure and David Owen are STILL registered as players with the club in 2004.

Hawkley FC's Under-11s team from season 1992-93. Five of these lads (names underlined) were signed on for the club's first team at the start of the 2002-03 season in the South Lancs Counties League, and another, Andrew Paxton, was a professional with Burnley before becoming a full-timecoach in the USA.

Back Row (Left to Right) James Ward, Gary Fairhurst, Richard Hough, Neil Hock, Darren Jenkinson, Andrew Hale, Andrew Paxton, Alan Flaherty, Paul Dermott

Front row (Left to Right) Michael Foster, David Houghton, Craig Traynor, Michael Owen, Scott Sherry, Andrew Blake, Scott Kear.

A year later, a few newcomers had joined the squad for the U-12s season 1993-94. 

Back Row, left to right, :  Scott Sherry, Darren Jenkinson, Stephen Small, Andrew Hale, Richard Hough, Gary Fairhurst, Branndon Keating.

Front Row, left to right: Mark Small, Neil Hock,. Michael Foster, Alan Flaherty, Scott Kear, Craig Traynor, Michael Owen


CLASS OF '88...

The pix below are taken from the early days, when Hawkley FC had recently expanded to three teams. A big photo session was held at Little Lane, with all the club's players and officials.

This is the whole bunch of us...three teams, scruffy kit and the club officials, most of whom now have less on top and more round the middle...

This is Don Maclure and his Under-12s team from (we think) 1987-88 season. Current Hawkley first-team players might recognise one of their teammates of 2003 (sorry Stu!), while also on this photo is David Clandon, another lad who is well known in local amateur soccer.


By special request: The Under-13s, from the same shoot...AFC Datalex players might be able to pick out a youthful, slimline version of their chunky club secretary, in the days when he could run 100 metres in less than 10 minutes.