First Team 


Bill Hayes Memorial Final for Premier Division teams

Tuesday March 23, 2004



 Hawkley FC's first team plays in the Premier Division of the South Lancashire Counties League.

Last season we finished second in the league and also won the Houghton Cup, the league's premier knockout competition.

For season 2003-04, the other 11 teams in the Premier Division are: Abram, Brocket Rangers, Garswood Railway, Goose Green, Highfield Grange Athletic, Marus Bridge, New Springs, Platt Bridge, Pro-Fit, Shevington Cardinals, Winstanley.

Home matches are at Scot Lane, Wigan. Kick-off time is 11.30am. Changing is in the SoccerDome. 

Colours: Navy and Gold. Change Colours: Red and Navy


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Date Comp Opponents KO Venue

Res (F-A)

Details / Scorers MoM
Sun Aug 17 League Platt Bridge (h) 11.30am Scot Lane


C. Simmons (2), C. Worthington C. Simmons
Thu Aug 21 League Pro-Fit (h) 6.30pm Scot Lane


A. Stock (2) A. Stock
Sun Aug 24 League Garswood Railway (h) 11.30am Scot Lane


 P. McVeigh (3), K. Rogers P.  McVeigh
Thu Aug 28 League  Brocket Rangers (a) 6.30pm Ashfield, Standish  1-3 B. Mollitt B. Mollitt
Sun Aug 311 League Shevington Cardinals  (a) 2.30pm St. John Rigby  1-1 N. Hock N. Hock  
Sun  Sep 7 League Abram (h) 11.30am Scot Lane 2-3  C. Davies, N. Hock D. Bond
Sun Sep 14 League Winstanley (a) 11.30am Rainford Rd, Billinge 4-1 D. Bond, R. Atherton, N. Hock, C. Holland (pen) N. Hock
Sun Sep 21 League Goose Green (a) 2.30pm Scot Lane  2-2 N. Hock, P. Holland D. Clandon
Sun Sep 28 League Marus Bridge (a) 11.30am Scot Lane  6-1 C. Simmons (2), C. Holland (2), B. Smith, P. McVeigh C. Holland
Sun Oct 5 LFA-1 Highfield Grange 11.30am Laithwaite Park  1-2 D. Bond  
Sun Oct 12 League Highfield Grange Ath (a) 11.30am Scot Lane 3-4 C. Simmons, D, Owen, S. Johnson C.Simmons
Sun Oct 19 League Brocket Rangers (h) 11.30am Scot Lane 0-3   N. Hock
Sun Oct 26 League Shevington Cardinals (h) 11.30am Scot Lane 2-2 M. Owen, S. Johnson S. Johnson
Sun Nov 2 League New Springs (a) 2.00pm Duke's Row 5-2 N. Hock (3),  A. Stock (2) N. Hock
Sun Nov 9 League Highfield Grange Ath (h) 11.30am Scot Lane 2-2 S. Johnson, N. Hock N. Hock
Sun Nov 23 League Winstanley (h) 11.30am Scot Lane 4-1 C. Simmons (3),  A. Flaherty C. Simmons
Sun Nov 30 League Platt Bridge (a) 2.00pm Miners' Welfare 3-1 C. Simmons (2), K. Flynn C. Simmons
Sun Jan 4 League Pro-Fit (a) 11.30am Glenburn HS 3-2 P. McVeigh, S. Johnson, B. Smith P. Holland
Sun Jan 11 BHC-1 Brocket Rangers (a) 2.00pm     postponed, pitches closed  
Sun Jan 18 THC-3 New Springs (a) 2.00pm Duke's Row   postponed, pitches closed  
Sun Jan 25 League Marus Bridge (h) 11.30am Scot Lane  5-1 C.Simmons (3), S. Johnson (2) S. Johnson
Sun Feb 1 League New Springs (h) 11.30am Scot Lane   postponed, pitches closed  
Sun Feb 8 BHC-1 Brocket R. (a) 2.30pm Scot Lane 2-1 S. Johnson, C. Simmons C. Simmons
Sun Feb 15 BHC-QF Pro-Fit (a) 11.30am Glenburn HS  1-0 A. Stock D. O'Connor
Sun Feb 22 THC-3 New Springs (a) 2.30pm Duke's Row  2-2 C.Simmons (2) AET and Pens Hawkley won 4-3 in pens S. Johnson
Sun Feb 29 THC-4 Hawkley Reserves (h) 2.30pm Scot Lane 7-0 S. Bithell (2), S. Johnson, C. Holland,. D. Clandon, P. Holland, o.g. C. Holland
Sun Mar 7 BHC-SF Marus Bridge (a) 11.30am Scot Lane  1-0 C. Simmons  C. Holland
Sun Mar 14 League Goose Green (h) 11.30am Scot Lane  1-3 C. Simmons A. Stock
Sun Mar 21 League Abram (a) 11.30am Kingsdown Rd  2-6 A. Stock, D. Owen S. Mollitt
Tuesday March 23, 2004

Bill Hayes Memorial Cup Final, Robin Park Arena, kick-off 7.45pm


Scorers: Phil Holland (15 mins), Craig Simmons (89 mins).  Man-of-the-match: Phil Holland

Sun Apr 4 League New Springs (h) 11.30am Scot Lane  5-1 C. Simmons (3), S. Johnsonl, C. Holland  C. Simmons
Thu Apr 8 League Garswood Railway (a) 6.30pm Birch Grove  3-0 B. Smith, C. Simmons, S. Bithell  S. Mollitt
Sun Apr 11 THC-QF Winstanley (a) 11.30am Rainford Road 1-4 C. Holland M. Owen

Cup Competitions

LFA = Lancashire FA Sunday Trophy: Entries from all Lancashire Sunday teams.

THC = Tom Houghton Memorial Cup: Entries from all divisions of South Lancs League. Premier Division teams enter at 3rd Round.

BHC = Bill Hayes Memorial Cup: Entries from the Premier Division of the South Lancs League.

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