First-ever Hawkley FC Reunion Match, August 2002

Some pix from the big day...we were all a bit blurred by the time we left the Hawk....

legends-11.JPG (37044 bytes)

The Clandons: Stey, Keith, Eileen (without the glasses) and David...

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The Maclures: Steve, Pauline, Don, Chris (and what are you doing there Gary?)

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What have you got to laugh at, you lost? Lee Fairhurst and nice friend, Steve Maclure (again) and Phil Abram

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Rachel and Matty, who did not play, and Andrew, who is rumoured to have been on the pitch. (Background, Keith and Eileen, with glasses, sorry Eileen).

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Serious trainng: first team squad members Richard Hough and Neil Hock...who won the pool, Huffy?

legends-16.JPG (36256 bytes)

Former manager and manageress, Jimmy and Carol Robinson...

legends-17.JPG (18992 bytes)

My hero, everybody's hero...ace keeper Ian Maclure and apprentice

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Nev (again), referee Paul Tierney (note the free drinks in front of him), cheerful Mike Owen, Kim's cap and either Bondy or his brother in the dark corner...

legends-19.JPG (24217 bytes)

Andy Mather, delighted that one of his passes didn't go to the other team...

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The line-up of the two teams before the game (thanks to Andy Mather for digital photos and Kev Murphy for nearly getting the group shots in focus).

Back row (left to right): Simon Mollitt (partly hidden), Darren Jenkinson, David Owen, Barry Smith, Andrew Stock, Kev Rogers, Richard Hough, Simon Prentice.

Middle row (left to right): Legends manager Ron Morrison (dressed as a golfer?), Neil Hock, Darren Bond, Don Maclure, Danny Coulton, Neil Parkinson, Lee Fairhurst, Keith Clandon, Steven Clandon, Andrew Morrison, Steven Maclure, first team shooting coach Phil Owen, Stuart Johnson, David Clandon, Ian Maclure.

Front row (left to right): Phil Abram, Andy Mather, Chris Holland, Michael Owen, Chris Worthington,.Gary Robinson, Craig Simmons.

For the first time since the club was formed in 1985, Hawkley FC staged an old boys' reunion match on Sunday August 4, when the 'Hawkey Legends' team of players from the 1980s faced the present-day first team. Here are both teams (Legends in blue!) before the game. Who won? Well, today's team managed a 2-0 victory, but it was yesterday's heroes who took the honours with a great performance. Stars were defenders David Clandon and Lee Fairhurst, but man-of-the-match was definitely volunteer keeper Ian Maclure, who stopped everything in the first half with a series of amazing saves. Club co-founder Ron Morrison came out of football retirement to manage the Legends lads, and did a tremendous job to motivate his players to keep it scoreless in the first half. His half-time team talk clearly needs some work, though, as the Legends were 2-0 down within a few minutes of the restart, although they held out without conceding more and even hit a post after a Stuart Johnson free kick was deflected.

As for the present Hawkley team, we have made opticians' appointment for them, so hopefully their shooting will have improved somewhat by the time the league season kicks off in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to all who turned up to play and support the teams in what was a very enjoyable day, despite being arranged within a couple of weeks. We are looking at making this an annual event, probably at the end of each season, starting next May. We will try to give everybody plenty of notice this time, so that as many 'old boys' as possible can take part.

We'd also like to thank Wigan Rovers for the last-minute loan of their ground., and The Hawk pub for providing the essential post-match watering place.

More pictures...

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The full line-up; at this stage the 2002 team had not missed any open goals yet...

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Match action, as Darren Bond tries to find somebody to dribble round and round again and again, and Stuart Johnson has another rest. In the background, David Owen is baffled by Stocky's decision to hop forward in support.

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David Owen worships at the feet of Pharoah Phil Holland (whose elbow would not unbend after another Saturday night lifting it at the bar).

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A lovely dressing room close-up of Nev, in which even the loyal Tam could surely not find any redeeming features. Get rid of the toast crumbs, Nev...

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Some of the Legends players were exhausted by the end, as shown in this shot of Michael Owen (no, not that one) hurdling the sleeping figure of Gary Robinson.