Hawkley Football Club


Code of Conduct for Parents / Spectators

This is the official guide, taken from the FA's special website http://soccerparents.thefa.com/


Parents / Spectators have a great influence on children’s enjoyment and success in football. All children play football because they first and foremost love the game – it’s fun. It is important to remember that however good a child becomes at football within your club it is important to reinforce the message to parents / spectators that positive encouragement will contribute to:


A parent’s / spectator’s expectations and attitudes have a significant bearing on a child’s attitude towards:


Ensure that parents / spectators within your club are always positive and encouraging towards all of the children not just their own.


Encourage parents / spectators to:


Ensure that parents / spectators within your club agree and adhere to your club’s Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy.