Hawkley Football Club





Hawkley FC welcomes players from all over the Wigan area, for its youth and senior teams.  Our junior teams, in the age range Under-11s to Under-16s,  play in the Wigan Youth League. We also have Under-17s/18s and the club's First Team and Reserve Team (open-age), who all play in the South Lancs Counties League. Most matches are on Sundays, with occasional midweek evening fixtures at the beginning and end of each season.

Who runs the club?

The club is run by a committee made up of a president, chairman, secretary, treasurer and team managers. All these club officials are volunteers, and nobody gets paid any money, even for expenses for phone calls, transport etc.

Who runs your team?

Each team has a manager, and there might also be an assistant manager, coach and other helpers. The manager's job is to sign players, organise training and matches, and decide on team selection and tactics.  The manager should be the first person you approach if you have a problem, question or suggestion.

What it costs you...

Youth players pay an annual signing-on fee of 7, plus 3 per match in 'subs'.  Open-age players pay no annual signing-on fee, but match fees are 4.

What you get for your money...

The club provides and pays for FA membership, league membership, pitches, match equipment (footballs, nets, corner flags, first aid kit), and playing kit (shirts, shorts and socks), the cost of which is covered by players' subscriptions, sponsorship, donations and fund-raising activities. In some cases, players 'buy' their own socks from the club at the beginning of the season. Players are expected to provide their own boots, shinpads, trainers etc. Players are not normally allowed to take items of club kit home, unless expressly permitted by their team manager, and must take full responsibility for reimbursing the club for the cost of any such items taken and not returned when requested.

What we expect from players...

It is your responsibility as a player to make sure that:

Conduct of players

Hawkley FC expects its players, at all age-groups, to behave in a sporting and orderly manner at matches, training and club events.


Team managers and coaches will normally arrange grass pitch training at least one evening per week, as long as the nights are light enough. The club has the use of floodlit all-weather training facilities at Hawkley Hall High School for the winter months, from late September to March. It is the club's policy to have an FA-qualified coach for each team.  There will usually be a small charge for training.

Team Selection

Managers will try to give every player a chance to show what he can do, but usually the team will be chosen on the basis of ability and performance. You can help yourself get selected by: attending training; working hard; not messing about; being on time for matches; listening to the manager's instructions; paying your 'subs'; putting the team before yourself.  If you do feel that you are not getting a fair go, speak to the manager about it, but do it at training, or phone him at home. Do NOT complain to the manager at a match: he has enough to do then and he has to think about his whole squad of players, not just you.


At the end of each season, we stage a Presentation Day, for all our teams. There are trophies for each junior team player, and every team also has special awards to: Player of the Year, Player's Player of the Year and Clubman of the Year. Please note that Hawkley FC does NOT have any special trophy for 'leading goalscorer'. We believe that every player takes the credit for goals scored by the team (and every player is also responsible for goals conceded...not just the 'keeper!).

Special Events, Trips and Fund-Raising

The club puts on various special events, including Sportsman's Dinners and other social events for adults, as well as organising trips and outings for players and taking part in five-a-side competitions etc,   Fund-raising is important, and among this type of activity are raffles, supermarket bag-packing days, and football card sales. We expect all players to take part in these events enthusiastically.


There are two kinds of insurance relevant to amateur football: 'Public Liability' and 'Personal Accident/Injury'.

Public Liability insurance is provided through our membership of the Lancashire FA and it covers the club and its players and officials against claims resulting from legal action over injury or damage. It does NOT cover individual players for injuries or accidents.

Personal Accident/Injury insurance is an extremely complicated and controversial topic, especially for youth players. The club currently does not provide any such insurance for youth players. Parents requiring further information on this are asked to contact the club secretary. 

For Under-18s and adult players (playing in the South Lancs League), there is a basic insurance policy, which pays a small amount if you get injured and lose money at work. BUT, PLAYERS SHOULD BE AWARE THAT THIS DOES NOT PAY MUCH AND WILL NOT COVER AL YOUR WAGES. YOU CAN PAY FOR EXTRA INSURANCE IF YOU THINK YOU NEED IT, EITHER THROUGH THE CLUB OR ARRANGED BY YOURSELF. SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER IF YOU WANT MORE INFO. DO IT NOW, DON'T WAIT TILL YOU GET INJURED.

Fines, bookings and sendings-off

A booking will now cost 8, and a sending-off usually at least 20, sometimes more. Bans for players sent off range from seven days to as much as five weeks for normal offences. The FA are especially tough on bad language and abuse of refs. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Discipline on the field is the player's own responsibility, and other team members can't be expected to pay (out of their subs) towards players who regularly get fines.